Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Foliage takes center stage in Autumn

This composition of plantings stopped me in my tracks yesterday on a drive home from a landscape design job. I'd been wanting to grab a picture of this beautiful yard near my home for a week or so, and this time I had my camera on me.

Look at that color! Not just the red maple, which is stunning, but also the blue spruce and chartreuse weeping willow. Show-stopping! The variety of color here is what I shoot for as a designer, so this grouping is very inspiring. It proves that great color diversity can be achieved with foliage (not only flowers), and late in the growing season.

Enjoy this last burst of color as you walk or drive around your neighborhood. Photograph it! Make art projects with leaves! Preserve it in any way you can to enjoy over the many grey days ahead.

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