Thursday, June 20, 2013

Between Homes

It's been over a month since I've posted last. A month! I know my thousands of readers are on the edge of their seats, wondering what life has been like for us over this last month, right? Truth is, I'm feeling a bit of a disconnect from this blog. Most of my content is inspired by my own gardens, and I currently don't have one.

We sold our house in 10 days, so we were quite frazzled as we worked to wrap up a life in Glen Ellyn, and prepare for a new one further west. The days leading up to our closing date were filled with packing, school year-end activities for both kids, finishing up landscape design jobs and shutting down the business for the summer, building gardens for families in need with GardenWorks, and most importantly, squeezing in play dates and dinners with good friends (even though I keep reminding them that we will not be that far away).

I already miss the things we left behind. That house holds eleven years of incredible memories. Major home renovations, my wedding reception, treatment and recovery from cancer, bringing two beautiful babies home to start their lives, and countless gatherings of friends and family. And my plants! I don't even want to think about all of the work I put into the gardens there and how much that property taught me about horticulture. But all of that belongs to someone else now, along with the noise, traffic, lack of privacy, and a number of other little reasons that made us want to leave in the first place.

I'm feeling very displaced, as we are in limbo between homes. We will close on the new house next week, but then we will have to endure weeks of renovations before we can move in. I'm glad it's summer, because I don't know how we would have managed all of this with school thrown in. We're staying with family, which is kind of like a little vacation, though I hate living out of a suitcase! We will be traveling a bit, but mostly are just spending our days like tourists - checking out the hot spots around Chicago and the burbs until we can get in the new place.

My connection to the blog will return, I assume, after we are in the new house. The previous owner, an artist, planted an incredible woodland garden, and I look forward to learning how to garden in a forest. I've got a lot to learn about designing with deer-resistant plants, and I'm eager to share tips on the blog. Veggie gardening will be a lot different in the dappled sun of my southwest-facing future potager. I'm also excited to share projects related to our plans to build a natural playground for the kids, as a big swingset would look out of place there (check out my Pinterest pins if you've never heard of a natural playground). And I'll include pics of the home renovations in the meantime, until I can start getting my hands dirty with some garden projects.

So hang in there, my thousands upon thousands of readers. We're having a laid-back summer and I won't be posting much, but things will pick up in late-summer/early-fall with new gardening content that I hope you'll enjoy. Happy gardening!