Thursday, April 4, 2013

What's Blooming at the Ada Harmon Wildflower Preserve, Glen Ellyn, IL

Welcome to the first in a series of posts highlighting a place I am eager to learn more about, the Ada Harmon Wildflower Preserve in Glen Ellyn, IL.

The Ada Harmon Wildflower Preserve is located on Crescent Avenue in Glen Ellyn, IL, just east of Glenbard West High School.

The preserve is named for Ada Douglas Harmon (1860-1943), a local philanthropist, watercolor artist, and founding member of the Glen Ellyn Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Harmon was also instrumental in bringing the first public library to Glen Ellyn. I think if I was around during Ada's time, we may have been pals, since it appears she was into books, watercolor painting, and horticulture.

I've driven past this small piece of natural space near downtown Glen Ellyn hundreds of times in my ten years here, and have been interested in learning more about its history. In this series of posts I'll share some of the the history of the space, highlight wildflowers as they come into bloom, and talk about how we can protect and conserve the ecosystem there.

The location of the Ada Harmon Wildflower Preserve was a protected area purchased by a group of locals who an organization called the Parks and Playground Extension Association back in the early 20's. Their main goal was stop the expansion of the Nichol-Brown lumber yard. The group rallied with other interested stakeholders in the Village, and their efforts resulted in spaces that are still undeveloped today, including the wildflower preserve.

More history in future posts...let's see what's blooming! I took my youngest for a walk over to the area this past weekend, and even though I can never get him to smile normal for a picture, he did enjoy exploring the area.

Not much was blooming this early in the season, possibly because of the late onset of warmer weather, but we did spot this group of aconite...


...and if we really searched, we could find a couple bluebells peeking out of the dried leaves.

I'm excited to document more of the Ada Harmon Wildflower Preserve as more flowers come into bloom. In the meantime, check out these posts for more history about Ada Douglas Harmon.

More about Ada Douglas Harmon from the Glen Ellyn Historical Society

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Spring in My Garden

Never planted this little one, but it was a nice surprise!

Snowdrops, a spring ephemeral that is always a first bloomer in my garden.