Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break Birding

Posts are coming few and far between. Despite the cold weather, folks have their eye on summer and my landscape design clients are picking up. The GardenWorks Project is in full volunteer recruitment and planning mode for spring garden builds. Life has been full and good, even more so with the addition of our new family member, Ivy.

We adopted her from Casey's Safe Haven in Elburn, IL, and could not be happier. We weren't interested in a puppy, and so many adult dogs need homes. Ivy is a few months over one-year-old, and is said to be a beagle/shepherd mix. And no, her name has nothing to do with Wrigley Field; I couldn't care less about baseball, and hubby is a diehard Sox fan.

It's Spring Break here in our school district, and the kids and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather yesterday to give a few gifts to the birds. First, we used a mesh bag that previously held onions to fill with yarn and hang in our Viburnum. It's our hope that birds will take the yarn to use in their nests.

Then, we spread peanut butter on toilet paper rolls, and rolled them in birdseed to make a few birdfeeders.

The black-capped chickadees found them right away and had a bit of a party.

And today, it's cold again. But the daffodils and daylilies are pushing through, and things are coming back to life. We are making plans for the new vegetable garden, and can't wait to build it. Life is full, and good.

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