Friday, October 18, 2013

Natural Playground - A Found Platform

While working in the yard last weekend, I made a perfect find for the natural playground - a platform. I was planning on building this, perhaps even with pallets, so I was thrilled to unearth one in the yard, covered with pachysandra. I have no idea what the previous owner used this for, but it was most likely part of the deck, since it's built with the same redwood planks.

Platforms are important in the natural playground, as they provide a hard place to sit, play, build with natural materials, perform, or even just rest, dream, and watch the clouds float by.

This lucky find got my husband out of building one component of the natural playground, but that's OK because I've got lots of others in mind! An easy add will be a rock pit - the previous owner lined paths in the backyard with large river rock, which we will place in a large circle and fill with pea gravel. My little guy will love playing with his construction trucks in there, and it won't cling to every bit of him like sand would. After that, we'll likely tackle a climbing wall similar to these:

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If you're interested in learning more about natural playgrounds, this booklet is a neat find, with chapters that explains why outdoor play is so important to the health and development of our kids. It also has information on the safety of natural playgrounds, and a nice collection of pictures that will surely inspire you to get out there and build something for your little explorers.

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