Monday, February 11, 2013

Two Years and Two Hundred Posts

Don't you get sick of hearing people say how busy they are? Everyone seems up to their ears in activities these days, myself included. Quite honestly, I'm getting sick of hearing myself talk about how busy I am. But here I go again - I'm sooooo busy, that I missed my two year blogiversary! And, I didn't highlight my two hundredth post!

So this post is just a check in, a how 'ya doin'. The gloomy weather of late has me diving into my gardening books and dreaming of spring. While I'm thankful for the rain and snow we've gotten for the last few days (the plants really needed it) all of the time indoors has me in full garden planning mode, not only for customers by for my own garden. More grass reduction in the front yard, and a fire pit area in the backyard are in the plan for this year at my house. But for now, I'll have to make do with some nice books I've been sent recently (reviews coming) and the mailbox full of plant catalogs.

I have to laugh sometimes at the marketing efforts used in some of the catalogs. For example, Michigan Bulb is selling a species called "Parrot Plant." They say, "The silky seedpods resemble parrots!" and, "Great plant to attract butterflies, especially Monarchs."

Parrot Plant
Photo credit: Michigan Bulb
Those seed pods do actually look like parrots! But "Parrot Plant?" Really? Customers must really be turned off by the true name of the plant - Milkweed - that Michigan Bulb felt the need to go ahead and change the name to something more interesting. I think they'd do better by letting customers know what an important plant this is to our Monarchs and other wildlife, instead of dumbing it down. These cut seed pods look hideous in the vase as shown here anyway. They'd be much better off left on the plant to mature and release their seeds naturally. But I guess that's not what sells.

Anyway, hang in there. Spring is almost here. Really! In the meantime, start making plans for your ornamental and vegetable gardens, and don't forget to include a few extra vegetable plants in your plan to grow for your local food pantry.

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  1. Congratulations on your two years and 200 posts of blogging! Hope you get some relief from your hectic schedule.