Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Focal Points for the Potager

When I learned that Amelanchier alnifolia 'Obelisk' (Standing Ovation Serviceberry) is now available at my plant supplier, I was a little giddy. After all, Serviceberries are one of my favorite native trees, and 'Obelisk' gives us the opportunity to plant them in narrower spaces since they only get 4-5 feet wide. A perfect spot for this tree is the center of a potager (formal garden that grows edible plants, herbs, and flowers together). The center of a potager is a great space to do something ornamental and unique, and placing 'Obelisk' in the center would provide a nice focal point and is narrow enough that it won't shade out other plants.

I have a weeping cherry in the center of my potager underplanted with herbs...

...but the options are endless. I like this rosemary standard growing in the potager at Cantigny Gardens in Winfield, IL:

I love, love, love herbs in the center of a potager. Herbs arranged in containers looks spectacular:

So do herbs underplanting a birdbath:

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A birdbath on its own atop a center material change (crushed granite to pavers):

How about a sundial?

A bean teepee is whimsical and functional:


I always tell clients that the center of a potager is a place to get creative, and show your personality. Garden art, sculptures, native plants to bring in pollinators, bird baths, bird houses, trees, shrubs, tuteurs, even a scarecrow, would all be nice focal points in your potager.
If you want to grow your own vegetables and crave a potager (and you live in the DuPage County, IL area), contact me for a landscape design consultation. 


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  1. I am not familiar with 'Standing Ovation'. All of my serviceberries are 'Autumn Brilliance'. I will have to check out this variety.