Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New to Me - Persimmon

I live close to a great international market. You can find anything there, from Polish to Indian to Mexican traditonal foods and ingredients. Their produce area is HUGE, with so many fruits an vegetables I've never heard of, let alone eaten. But all that's about to change...

Over the next week or two, I'll highight some fruits and vegetables that are new to me, and new to my family. During my last shopping trip, I bought a pummelo, a persimmon, an asian pear, and a chayote. And I've never eaten any of them. First, the persimmon.

Persimmons are native to Asia, and can be eaten raw, dried, or cooked. It looks like a tomato, in fact, you cut it just like you would a tomato. I half expected it to taste like one too, or at least just super flavorful considering it's beautiful orange color and juiciness.

But that was not to be. It didn't have much of a taste, if anything, it tasted like a really bland peach. Meh. Maybe I'll have better luck with the asian pear.


  1. Asian pear was my new find last week. Fennel asian pear slaw with a home made mustard vinagrette was a great side to a warm ham and cheese bagette sandwhich.

  2. What a great idea for a post! I've often wanted to buy some of those unfamiliar fruits at the market and try them. My older son spent six months in Ecuador and wasn't crazy about the food, but he did love the many delicious fresh fruits he had never seen before.