Friday, June 8, 2012

My No-Fail Tomato Cages

You might remember me lamenting about my tomato cages last year. I had to use the cheap wire ones because I was too busy to design and ask the hubby to build some for me, and they fell over in a July storm. Not this year! Check out what I have now!

My very sweet husband has stayed up late two nights in a row building this for me. And he plans to do another for the other side, and also a cucumber trellis! He's pretty new to carpentry, but between the kids playhouse, my potting table, and the window box, he's getting a lot of practice. Yesterday he asked if I wanted him to build an outdoor garden tools storage cabinet. Um, yes! Good man, I've got.

Anyway, there are spaces for six plants to grow, and the trellis is about 48" tall, and no storm is going to take this baby down!

Hello, to all my new Pinterest visitors! I'm happy to have you! I'm a landscape designer in the west suburbs of Chicago, specializing in potager vegetable gardens and full residential landscape design. To learn more about my business, visit:


  1. You have a great husband and so supportive of your passions! Looks great!

  2. Nice tomato cages! I can't wait to see them completely filled up :-)

  3. Thanks Bee Girl! I've enjoyed seeing what you are harvesting every week on your blog!