Monday, June 18, 2012

Bridge Communities Glen Ellyn Garden Walk - A Great Experience

Looking back on my Bridge Communities Glen Ellyn Garden Walk experience this past weekend, I can say that it was a truly great experience. On Friday evening, after scrubbing our garden-dirtied hands and feet, my husband and I got all dressed up and attended the Garden Party, held in the garden of a Bridge board member. What a lovely party, with drinks, appetizers, music by the Michael Brazan Jazz Band, and friendly company. We met lots of Bridge board members and staff, as well as volunteers and other Garden Walk hosts. I was excited (and nervous) to learn that that Bridge had sold over 400 tickets to the Walk!

Garden Party. See the band on the balcony?

On the day of the walk, we mowed the lawn and put the finishing touches on the landscape, eradicating any weeds that had the nerve to pop up overnight. Then the volunteer ticket-takers came, who I was very happy to meet. They told me all about the volunteer opportunities with their Bridge Builders group, and I hope I can join them in some future projects. The Garage Party sounds particularly fun!

My garden, primped and ready for guests.

At 10am, the walkers arrived. And arrived. And kept arriving! It was very exciting to see a few hundred people walking around my yard that day. I was glad to be there to answer questions and talk plants with fellow enthusiasts. In a future blog post, I'll share what the most asked about plants were. They really seemed to enjoy my wine bottle edging in the back shade garden, asking me how long it took to drink all that wine! "We just started last week," I joked, then let them know that I'd picked up most of the bottles from Cab's Wine Bar and Bistro. My potted plants, designed by Cook Container Designs, also received lots of positive comments.

The wine bottle edging was a hit!

At 2pm, Connie from The Growing Place in Naperville gave a talk about growing vegetables, and discussed varieties that work well in our zone.
Connie, talking about the Egyptian Walking Onion

Soon after, Bridge Communities CEO John Hayner presented us with a beautiful framed drawing of our home by local artist Kay Wahlgren. What a special gift, considering I had taken a watercolor painting class given by Kay a couple of years ago and love her work.

That's mine on the far right. Such beautiful work by Kay Wahlgren

So, now the planning, planting, pruning, mulching, weeding, deadheading and general yard-primping is done for the year, and I can start planning summer getaways with family and friends. I feel so honored to have been included in the Garden Walk, and glad that in a small way was able to contribute to the success of the event, which in turn benefit area homeless families. My only regret is that I did not have a chance to get away and see the other gardens. But I'll participate in next year's event, this time as a garden walker, and hope you will support it too.


  1. Congratulations on a successful garden walk! The yard looks beautiful!

  2. Thank you Tina! Everybody had such a wonderful time. Thank you for all your hard work and supporting Bridge Communities.