Monday, April 9, 2012

There Will Be Dandelions in My Lawn This Year

There will be dandelions growing in my front yard this year...

Because I want to protect our local wildlife, the water supply, and my family and our visitors - so I don't use chemicals.

Because my home will be featured on Bridge Communities' Glen Ellyn Garden Walk and I have lots of gardening projects to do this year and had to postpone removing my lawn until fall or even next year.

Because popping out dendelions by hand is great exercise. Ha!

Because I might try cooking with dandelions. Foraging is so in style this year (thanks Hunger Games).

Because my four-year-old thinks the flowers are pretty.

Sorry neighbors. We'll do our best to keep them out, but I'm not promising anything!


  1. Same here Tina. I'm afraid "Dandelions Rule". I try but to no avail. I can at best keep them down. But . . . I'm happy when my grandchildren are playing in my yard or I am doing my gardening,that my yard is clean. And . . . when a robin pulls a worm which there are tons of, I know that robin is getting a big, fat, healthy worm. And . . . my raspberries are the best in the world :)

  2. A girl after my own heart ..... :)

  3. Definitely eat them! The young spring greens especially are tasty, very nutritious, and they're free. They're a little bitter raw, but in small quantities they're even good on salads. The flowers are edible too. Break them apart and sprinkle the petals on a salad or use them as a garnish on the cooked greens, or on stir-fries, casseroles, etc.