Monday, April 23, 2012

Before and After Line Drawings

No time for a real post today, I am super busy with landscape design clients and the GardenWorks project. So much so, that I am pulling near all-nighters to get designs completed while the kids are asleep. I'm not complaining, it's a great problem to have. Just send me lots of Diet Coke, OK? I'm not a coffee drinker.

While my little one is napping, I wanted to share a before photo of a home I am working on, and some simple line drawings of how the house could look with a redesigned landscape. Sometimes, it is difficult for clients to envision how a landscape will look when reviewing their plan in "plan view," which is like a bird's eye view. Sometimes I will include some quick perspective drawings to give them a better idea.

This is a great home with a beautiful family. The house just needs some sprucing up and curb appeal. Take a look at my idea for the front yard, then a drawing of a fire pit and seating area for the back yard. I like including fire pits in the back corner of a yard because on most properties, it creates a whole new useable space that the homeowners currently might never occupy.

For ideas on how to increase your home's curb appeal, visit:

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