Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Support Your Local Conservation Groups

You might have heard recently about the partnership between the National Wildlife Foundation and Scotts, makers of Miracle Grow, toxic lawn products and pesticide tainted birdseed. This was disappointing, considering that NWF chose to partner with a company whose products harm the animals they claim to protect. Many supporters of NWF are outraged, cancelling their memberships and removing their backyard "Certified Wildlife Habitat" signs. About a week later, NWF announced that they ended the partnership in light of a suit which fined Scotts $4.5 million for selling toxic birdseed and falsifying records.

There is an alternative to supporting NWF if you are strongly against their decision to partner with Scotts. You can support one of your local conservation groups. Most areas have one, and by working with a local group, you can have an impact on your local environment. You can get involved and have a say in how your local wildlife and land is protected.
Conservation at Home Logo

In my area in the Chicago suburbs, The Conservation Foundation (headquartered in Naperville, IL) does a wonderful job advocating for the environment and educating the community on ways to help. Their Conservation@Home program recognizes homeowners who chosen to create natural habitats for wildlife, conserve water, and refrain from using harmful chemicals on their own property. After applying, and visit from a CF representative, qualified homeowners can proudly display a Conservation@Home sign in their yard and educate others in their community by example. Call my friend Jim Kleinwachter at 630-553-0687, Ext. 302 or email him This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information or to become certified. 

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