Thursday, December 1, 2011

Potager Inspiration for Your Garden

Another summer has come and gone, and except for some kale, swiss chard, beets, and pak choi, most of the potager is unproductive. I've spread out what remained in my compost tumbler to enrich the soil for next year, and will blanket each bed with shredded leaves for the winter.

Many friends and neighbors have expressed interest in building a potager in the spring, so I thought I'd give you all some pictures of beautiful vegetable gardens that might inspire you to start growing your own vegetables, or convince you to go bigger!

I love the simplicity of this garden - just wooden beds with a
simple fence enclosure. I wouldn't want to have to mow that
grass though, and would probably choose crushed stone or patio paver paths.

Are you using brick pavers elsewhere on your property? You can easily
tie the vegetable garden to the look of the rest of the landscaping by
matching the pavers and fencework.
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Flagstone makes a beautiful pathing material in this potager.
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Combining both raised beds and ground-level beds creates interest and beauty.
Using crushed stone for a portion of the paths saves money.
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Love the wood planks surrounding these raised beds. No muddy shoes in this
photo credit

And of course, I love the design of this potager, because it's mine!

Now is a great time to get started on the design of your own potager, and I can help! Contact me today, and this spring you could be harvesting your family's produce from your own gorgeous vegetable garden! For more information about Tina Koral Gardens, visit .


  1. Wow, thanks for the inspiration! I'm hoping to plant a larger potager garden at our summer cottage lot next season. I have so little sun here at my main garden. I hope you'll join in the "Lessons Learned" meme again this season. Cheers!

  2. Your potager is amazing and your tips are inspiring. I saw your potager on pintrest and am glad I did more than admire the picture, but actually paid you a visit!

  3. Lovely, lovely potagers! My poor potager is in desperate need of TLC...chard, strawberries, and pac choi remain. Plus weeds. Lots and lots of weeds. I'm inspired to give it the love it deserves this weekend! Thanks for sharing!