Monday, November 28, 2011

Yarn Bomb Detonated in Lisle, IL

No need to take cover, just head out to the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL to see "Lichen It!" by Carol Hummel, part of the Arboretum's Nature Unframed outdoor exhibit. Hummel worked with dozens of crocheters to create patches that resemble lichen on this Yellowwood tree (Cladrastis kentukea) using nylon cord. The patches are meant to symbolize our interdependent, nurturing relationships with nature and each other.

Yarn bombing has received a lot of attention lately. Also known as guerilla knitting or grafitti knitting, it's a type of street art that uses knitted or crocheted material instead of spray paint. It was recently featured in the inaugural issue of Leaf Magazine. There is even an International Yarnbombing Day (it's June 11).

Why would anyone do this, you ask? For beauty and interest, primarily. Yarnbombing was originally intended to brighten up bland spaces with color and texture. Cold steel items like lampposts, mailboxes, and fire hydrants, even cars, buses, and bridges have all been yarnbombed since the artistic act became popular in the last five years or so.

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  1. OH! I love this!!! I will definitely do more research! Thanks for the links!

  2. How cool is that! I never heard of this, but I am intrigued.