Thursday, November 24, 2011

Garden Blogs I'm Reading Now

I consider myself a "voracious" reader. I read every night, most mornings, during meals, in the car (as a passenger, of course), and any other spare minutes I might have sprinkled throughout my day. By far, what I love reading most are novels, memoirs, and biographies. With this cooler weather, I love nothing more than to take a blanket out on my front porch and read a good book.

Earlier this year, I got an ipad, and a new addiction hobby. I love reading blogs, mostly those focused on gardening/landscape design, interior design, parenting, and food. My magazine subscriptions have nearly all expired because I can use the blogs for that same purpose - short, informative articles with nice color pictures.

Check out some of the gardening blogs I like:


Designers on Design

Happy reading!

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