Monday, November 7, 2011

Connor Shaw’s Favorite Woody Plants for the Urban Landscape

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of hearing a lecture on native woody plants by Connor Shaw, owner of Possibility Place Nursery, an 80 acre native plant nursery in Monee, IL. Connor is super engaging, funny, and so knowledgeable about native trees – I could have listened to him all day. Here are some of his favorite native woody plants for urban areas, selected for their hardiness, beauty, and wildlife benefits. As always, before selecting a tree, research the conditions it grows best in, and site it correctly.
  • Quercus macrocarpa (Bur Oak)
  • Quercus bicolor (Swamp White Oak)
  • Quercus alba (White Oak)
  • Quercus ellipsoidalis (Hill’s Oak)
  • Celtis occidentalis (Hackberry)
  • Carya ovata (Shagbark Hickory)
  • Gymnocladus dioica (Kentucky Coffee Tree)
  • Aesculus glabra (Ohio Buckeye)
  • Ostrya virginiana (Ironwood/Hophornbeam)
  • Prunus americana (American Plum)
  • Carpinus caroliniana (Blue Beech/Hornbeam/Musclewood)
  • Staphylea trifolia (Bladdernut)
  • Amalanchier ssp. (Juneberry/Serviceberry)
  • Celastrus scandens (Bittersweet)
  • Corylus americana (American Filbert)
  • Ribies americanum (Wild Black Currant)
  • Viburnum prunifolium (Blackhaw Viburnum)
  • Viburnum acerifolium (Mapleleaf Viburnum)
  • Viburnum rafinesquianum (Downy Viburnum)
  • Viburnum cassinoides (Withe Rod Viburnum)
  • Rhus typhina (Staghorn Sumac)

Amalanchier (Serviceberry)

Carpinus caroliniana (Hophornbeam)
photo credit

Viburnum prunifolium 'Summer Snowballs' (Blackhaw Viburnum)
photo credit

Rhus typhina (Staghorn Sumac)
photo credit

Quercus macrocarpa (Bur Oak)
photo credit

One of my favorite native woody plants is Hydrangea quercifolia (Oakleaf Hydrangea). What's yours?

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