Monday, November 21, 2011

Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights

Have you heard about the Chicago Wilderness Leave No Child Inside initiative? I posted earlier this year about Nature Deficit Disorder, a condition where children (and adults) suffer from too little time in nature, experiencing attention problems, obesity, anxiety, and depression.

I'm sharing the Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights with you because I think every parent and teacher should know about this initiative, and as a reminder to myself. With colder weather upon us, I do find myself getting lazy about getting the kids outside, opting for indoor activities instead. Kids deserve to be outside everyday, even when I'd rather be snuggled up with them in our pajamas under a blanket!

My girl, exploring Lake Michigan
Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights
Every child should have the opportunity to:

1. Discover wilderness - prairies, dunes, forests, savannahs, and wetlands

2. Camp under the stars

3. Follow a trail

4. Catch and release fish, frogs, and insects

5. Climb a tree

6. Explore nature in neighborhoods and cities

7. Celebrate heritage

8. Plant a flower

9. Play in the mud or a stream

10. Learn to swim

More information:
Nature Deficit Disorder
Leave No Child Inside

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