Saturday, September 24, 2011

Photography Contest Entry - Seed Heads

A fun gardening blog that you should check out is Gardening Gone Wild. Produced by four leading garden writers and photographers, Fran Sorin, Saxon Holt, Debra Lee Baldwin, and Noel Kingsbury, GGW always has something to teach me.

One feature I love reading is the monthly Picture This Photo Contest. Well, this time I'm actually jumping in and participating. While I did sell my first garden photograph this week (woohoo!) I know I still have a lot to learn about garden photography. My competition in this contest (of which there are no prizes, just bragging rights) are likely very well-established photographers. But hey, life is about taking chances, right?

September's contest theme is the late summer garden, and I chose a picture that I shot at Churchill Park in Glen Ellyn during the National Public Lands Day Celebration this morning (look for a post about that on Monday). For me, seed heads hold a silent kind of beauty, and a bit of sadness at the ending of summer. I hope I captured that in the shot.


  1. Great shot! I love the look of seed heads. They really do say 'end of summer'. Good luck. And congratulations on selling a photo!

  2. Fall has a different meeting in Florida ... we look forward the the cooler weather and don't feel sad. I can appreciate everyone up North that goes through these emotions in fall ... I did for so long before were moved South. Enjoy the fall leaves and don't be sad! Beautiful picture ... hope it wins!