Monday, September 26, 2011

National Public Lands Day Celebration - Glen Ellyn

Saturday, September 24, 2011 was National Public Lands Day (NPLD), and Glen Ellyn coordinated a nice celebration and work day at Churchill Park. NPLD brings together volunteers who are interested in caring for our open lands, cleaning up trash, removing invasive plants, planting trees, collecting seeds, and building and maintaining trails.

Mike Nowak, of "The Mike Nowak Show" which airs on WCPT Radio, spoke to the group of about 50 volunteers about the importance of green space. Then we were off - to collect seeds from the native plants in the prairie, plant trees, and mulch trails. I brought my daughter along because I think it's important to teach her the value of our environment and how important it is to care for it, and the benefits of volunteering. She had lots of fun collecting bouteloua curtipendula (side-oats grama) seeds until the donut holes became more alluring. The seeds collected from the prairie will be used to seed other areas in the Village, and for educational purposes.

Glen Ellyn holds monthly Churchill Park Restoration Work Days and is always looking for volunteers. I have to say, this was some of the best volunteering I've ever done. I could hardly call it "work" - being outside on a beautiful breezy day, losing myself in the task at hand, and feeling the peace of the prairie.

Mike Nowak

The quiet beauty of seed heads

College of DuPage Horticulture students help out

My little worker bee

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