Thursday, June 9, 2011

The making of a potager - Part 3

I really didn't want to post pictures of my potager yet. Don't get me wrong, I love how it turned out, but I didn't want to post pics until it was perfect. I still have a lot of work to do - the shrub and perennial beds around the perimeter of the potager are not defined, weeded, or planted; the beautiful cedar potting table that the hubby built for me needs to be a little shorter (if you know me, you'd know why); and the whole darn thing needs to be rid of the millions of pesky maple seeds and seedlings. Due to lack of time, I've even had to use the cheap wire tomato cages, which are ugly and weak. I've been so busy with clients and fun summer activities with the kids that I haven't gotten around to putting the finishing touches on it. I wanted it to be perfect. But my online gardening pals are asking how it looks, and I'm realizing that nothing in nature is ever perfect, yet is perfectly natural. So here, after much adieu, is the completed potager.
This is how the garden looked when we moved to Glen Ellyn in 2002.

Downsized in 2006 due to time constraints.

The new potager, 2011.

Not yet perfect and never will be!

Hot peppers 'Thai Dragon'. Sounds hot!!! 


I can't wait to eat fresh produce picked within minutes of hitting the table. If you think a potager is in your future, I'd love to help you design it! Visit me at for info on how to get started.


  1. It's about time! Really beautiful! I want one!

  2. Tina, I love this. Are those hollandstone? Really nice job. See you in Roy Diblik's class!